ITU World Triathlon San Diego - Age Groups

2012-05-12 • Olympic Relay • 26 participants

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WatchViewBIBNameRankgun time
2029 DYNAMIC DUO102:17:09.0
2004 AV Tri Club Team 2202:21:07.0
2011 Echo Point CON-X302:21:33.0
2019 Poole Street402:35:30.0
2005 Carlsbad Rouges502:38:29.0
2025 too hot guys and a hamste602:38:45.0
2018 Off the Grid.702:41:01.0
2020 Quisquillosos802:43:13.0
2023 The Green Hornets902:50:27.0
2006 Coronado Endurance Team1002:52:05.0
2001 A Breakfast Club1102:59:31.0
2016 Ladera Dads1203:00:22.0
2013 haskins1303:03:10.0
2015 Jaguar Paw1403:11:37.0
2028 DC/SD Club Team1503:14:14.0
2010 Desert Divas1603:14:28.0
2007 DC Tri Harder Club1703:15:28.0
2027 Team Poyer1803:16:58.0
2022 Team Mom & Dad1903:21:11.0
2003 AKA2003:30:38.0
2002 Aguri Pie Triathlon Team2103:33:58.0
2009 Delta Eta Bros2203:36:38.0
2017 NOVA Warriors2303:41:40.0
2026 YKYMF2403:45:08.0
2024 The Old Men2503:49:15.0
2014 J&K2603:51:08.0

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Name: ITU World Triathlon San Diego - Age Groups
Date: 2012-05-12
Location: San Diego
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