Khmer Empire Full and Half Marathon

2017-08-06 • Marathon (42.195 Km)

664 Participants • 164 Women • 500 Men

Average Time: 05:02:07
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RankComp.ViewBIBNameCategoryGender PlaceCat. PlaceSplit 1Split 2chip timeOfficial Time
1 1015Neil BurnsM-OPEN1100:14:5001:56:0103:08:00.503:08:08.4
2 1518Carlota CorbellaW-OPEN1100:17:0402:05:0903:18:48.903:19:03.6
3 1380Tiancai ZhouM-OPEN2200:14:2201:58:5503:23:34.303:23:46.0
4 1188Ki Wai NgM-OPEN3300:14:2701:59:0503:24:19.503:24:22.5
5 1181Wataru MiyataM-OPEN4400:14:4702:02:1903:24:23.503:24:26.0
6 1295Chi Shing ToM-OPEN5500:14:4002:00:0203:27:30.803:27:35.2
7 1161Meng-Feng LinM-OPEN6600:14:5502:04:5603:27:39.103:27:48.1
8 1016Wei CaoM-OPEN7700:16:1702:05:4103:28:09.303:28:22.0
9 1054Chris DringM-OPEN8800:14:4802:02:2003:32:16.503:32:18.2
10 1268Marco StuderM-OPEN9900:15:0602:05:2403:35:28.603:35:33.1

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