North Shore Triathlon

2017-05-22 • KOS 8-11

79 Participants • 30 Women • 49 Men

Average Time: 00:28:00
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[Swim 75m, Bike 5km, Run 1km]
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RankComp.ViewBIBNameCategoryGender PlaceCat. PlaceSwimBikeRunFinish
24 121Joshua HarrisM8-11161600:01:4000:01:4700:02:3900:06:06.0
53 106Katrin RytirF8-11202000:01:4200:12:3600:04:4300:19:01.0
23 108Peyton HarkerF8-118800:01:3900:14:0900:05:0500:20:53.0
76 102Madeleine WardleF8-11282800:01:2900:14:4500:04:4100:20:55.0
62 114Timur SorokinM8-11403800:01:2700:14:2800:05:0700:21:02.0
37 116Molly MackieF8-11151500:01:5300:13:5600:05:1700:21:06.0
4 78Austin BeeseM8-112200:01:3700:13:5500:05:3700:21:09.0
33 104Gabrielle LillF8-11131300:01:4100:14:1300:05:4000:21:34.0
31 75Merina LauF8-11111100:01:5000:14:4600:05:2400:22:00.0
52 82Wilbur Ruckman-UttingM8-11333100:01:3500:15:3300:05:0300:22:11.0

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