Tupper Lake Tinman Triathlon & Sprint

2001-06-30 • Tinman Team Results

14 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 05:27:56
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Comp.ViewBIBNameRankSwimBikeRungun time
672 Kramer Fliakos Broderick Mixed Relay100:39:1402:21:5201:28:5904:30:04.0
669 Myers North Schwartz Men's Relay200:30:4302:32:0001:30:5104:33:34.0
662 Marchant Sands McAndrew Men's Relay300:30:4802:47:5701:38:0604:56:50.0
663 Magilligan Pastore Tiase Women's Rela400:34:4202:55:4501:27:0904:57:34.0
671 Wheeler Battaglia Judice Mixed Relay500:30:5602:51:4401:51:2405:14:03.0
668 Byrn O'Hara Mixed Relay600:28:4903:30:5701:14:3505:14:21.0
673 Cagen Sayers Grady Women's Rela700:41:5902:50:0701:49:0405:21:09.0
664 Roy Bianchi Mattulke Women's Rela800:31:0103:10:3201:50:3205:32:04.0
674 Brown Yudina Metcalf Women's Rela900:37:2503:02:3801:55:5505:35:57.0
660 Romer Halperin Baer Women's Rela1000:45:2903:10:4501:52:1605:48:28.0
661 Uebele Neuenhoff Women's Rela1100:46:1603:15:3001:54:3105:56:15.0
670 Stec Smith Carter Women's Rela1200:41:0003:28:3901:55:0006:04:38.0
666 Graves Williams Mixed Relay1300:42:0903:21:4302:03:0806:06:59.0
667 Marin Gardy Women's Rela1400:53:4303:33:5902:11:2606:39:07.0

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Name: Tupper Lake Tinman Triathlon & Sprint
Date: 2001-06-30
Location: Tupper Lake, NY
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