Gatineau Loppet

2019-02-16 • 51 KM Style Libre

345 Participants • 50 Women • 295 Men

Average Time: 03:38:48
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RankComp.ViewBIBNamenationalityCategoryGender PlaceCat. Placemasham bridgefortune parkwayOfficial Timevague
1 2001Andy ShieldsCANM25-291100:23:5401:39:1702:17:20.4A
2 2005Francis Izquierdo-BernierCANM20-242100:23:5701:39:1702:17:21.4A
3 2004David GregoireCANM25-293200:23:5701:39:5302:20:31.9A
4 2002Maxime LeboeufCANM30-344100:23:5501:39:4902:22:33.9A
5 2007Mikko HarjuFINM30-345200:23:5601:41:2902:23:06.2A
6 2008Philipp BachlAUTM25-296300:23:5801:43:5502:24:34.7A
7 2051Seth DownsUSAM45-497100:23:5701:46:5002:28:37.4A
8 2003Erik CarletonCANM40-448100:23:5501:43:0702:31:32.0A
9 2018Eric LavigneCANM30-349300:24:0901:49:4702:32:25.9A
10 2026Neal GravesUSAM35-3910100:24:1001:49:4202:32:38.2A

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