Toronto Marathon

2019-05-05 • Marathon Relay

43 Participants • 0 Women • 43 Men

Average Time: 04:03:44
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCityRankOfficial Time
9001Team Birch HillToronto103:08:13.6
9009Team OncapToronto203:14:01.6
9036Team Mozilla 3303:28:29.4
9035Team Highbush P.s.403:29:41.1
6016Team Barracuda A503:31:56.6
9006Team The Young And BreathlessLindsay603:34:19.7
9002Team Go Xidian Gomarkham703:36:17.4
9004Team Rock CrawlersToronto803:42:03.3
9024Team Endorphin ChasersToronto903:48:04.2
9012Team Happy Feet ThreeScarborough1003:48:13.8
9038Team Mozilla 21103:49:11.5
9020Team CelNorth York1203:51:31.2
9007Team Legs MiserablesWoodville1303:52:03.5
9033Team DwfToronto1403:52:10.7
9029Team Frontrunners TorontoToronto1503:52:19.9
9027Team Morningstar 4 Sistema 2Toronto1603:53:29.8
9039Team Mozilla 11703:54:49.1
9037Team Tsinhua 21803:55:15.7
9032Team Dreaming For KidsToronto1903:55:24.7
9023Team DbrsToronto2003:58:55.6
9008Team Its Support ServicesToronto2104:02:43.0
9019Team Team Knowledge First Financial 2Mississauga2204:04:29.5
9003Team Mcmurray St. Maidens And Co.Bracebridge2304:06:43.7
6024Team Barracuda B2404:07:51.1
9017Team UstbRichmond Hill2504:08:57.6
6008Team Tsinghua 12604:08:58.0
6032Team Barracuda C2704:09:18.8
9034Team Envision2804:12:41.6
9011Team Happy Feet TwoScarborough2904:13:46.8
9030Team KiirusToronto3004:16:20.3
9005Team Running StarsRichmond Hill3104:16:36.4
9014Team Ccyc TigerMarkham3204:19:46.2
9031Team AedToronto3304:20:20.1
9025Team Sprint Faster For SistemaToronto3404:24:19.0
9026Team Morningstar 4 Sistema 1Toronto3504:24:36.7
9013Team TuanRichmond Hill3604:25:52.5
9000Team Choice RunnersToronto3704:26:38.1
9018Team Team Knowledge First Financial 1Mississauga3804:33:21.7
9028Team Sprint For SistemaToronto3904:37:01.3
9015Team Crit-Victoria Edu 1Richmond Hill4004:37:50.6

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