Defi Casse-Tete

2019-06-01 • Defi 100Km contre la Montre (Equipe)

15 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 02:45:07
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryOfficial Timerangkm/h moyenmeilleur tourlaps
1009Equipe Mike Shetler S TeamEQUIPE02:19:55.0142.900:09:04.4815
1015Equipe Ibike 1 - Fixed TeamEQUIPE02:23:02.3241.900:09:06.0115
1007Equipe Les MachinesEQUIPE02:27:11.1340.800:09:33.0415
1013Equipe Ibike - 2EQUIPE02:28:39.9440.400:09:39.5915
1014Equipe Powerwatts Rive-SudEQUIPE02:29:40.6540.100:09:18.4515
1012Equipe Walter InteractiveEQUIPE02:31:23.8639.600:09:19.6615
1010Equipe Ibike X GsoftEQUIPE02:34:31.9738.800:09:42.0915
1004Equipe Fondation Jacques-De ChamplainEQUIPE02:53:02.3834.700:10:43.9615
1008Equipe Les Filles De P2 MontrealEQUIPE02:55:12.1934.200:11:04.8415
1011Equipe Powerwatts Ile-Des-SoeursEQUIPE02:59:03.11033.500:11:09.8515
1001Equipe InnovitechEQUIPE03:25:11.01129.200:12:12.9515
1005Equipe Cogeco MediaEQUIPE03:34:24.31228.000:12:11.1915
1002Equipe Fondation Tete PremiereEQUIPE00:11:48.267
1003Equipe Acier BretonEQUIPE00:13:23.8710
1006Equipe Alouettes De MontrealEQUIPE00:12:16.3314

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Name: Defi Casse-Tete
Date: 2019-06-01
Location: Blainville, QC
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