Cultus Lake Triathlon

2019-09-15 • Standard Relay

16 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

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WatchViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceSwimBikeRunFinish
1063 The Nicholas Kraemer ExperienceRelay22200:25:5701:13:3700:44:5202:27:37.0
1067 Tri'ing Till We're Dying!Relay33300:29:4801:26:1400:51:2002:50:55.0
1056 Fast + Epp 1Relay44400:32:0501:20:3300:56:0102:52:10.0
1062 The CottagersRelay55500:25:2701:35:3700:52:3602:57:56.0
1066 Tri-CeratopsRelay66600:37:1601:22:4700:55:5602:59:40.0
1055 EquestRelay77700:29:0901:26:4201:06:2403:05:57.0
1059 Les Etoiles FilantesRelay88800:35:3501:29:5101:03:2603:13:09.0
1065 The Young And The Rest Of UsRelay99900:45:0101:26:3400:57:3203:13:48.0
1054 Cottage WildcatsRelay10101000:38:0001:28:4801:01:5103:14:04.0
1053 Busby'sRelay11111100:35:1901:25:0901:08:5903:14:16.0
1068 Two To TriRelay12121200:34:3401:28:3801:10:5303:20:10.0
1064 The Three WielersRelay13131300:35:0501:22:4001:18:1603:21:00.0
1052 Bad ApplesRelay14141400:40:5101:40:0801:00:5903:30:04.0
1060 Moms On FireRelay15151500:32:0201:39:5001:19:2403:35:31.0
1058 Go For The Gold TeaRelay
1061 Pinky's Go Go'sRelay

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