Ski to the Sun Marathon and Relay

2019-01-26 • Marathon Relay

58 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 03:17:28
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312 CHOMPER BOMPERSMarathon Relay102:03:38.3
336 SHASEYMarathon Relay202:12:11.9
324 MAZAMAMENMarathon Relay302:19:55.6
325 MOM AND POPMarathon Relay402:21:56.0
310 BROOKS/SWEETMarathon Relay502:26:33.8
316 GX2Marathon Relay602:29:24.4
343 SWISS B SMarathon Relay702:29:56.3
340 SNACK PACKMarathon Relay802:30:23.7
346 TEAM LUCY POWERMarathon Relay902:31:02.9
361 PAIN IN THE BACKSIDEMarathon Relay1002:31:40.6
345 TEAM INDECISIVEMarathon Relay1102:35:09.2
352 ULLR S ULTRASMarathon Relay1202:39:54.9
356 WHISKEY FOXTROTTERSMarathon Relay1302:40:57.7
331 RED LANTERNMarathon Relay1402:41:20.1
308 BIATHLON TEAM ABBCMarathon Relay1502:46:53.4
348 THE COSMIC RAYSMarathon Relay1602:49:07.1
330 PILGIES GO SKIINGMarathon Relay1702:51:05.9
349 THE MATZINSMarathon Relay1802:51:24.0
311 CHICKS WITH STICKSMarathon Relay1902:52:49.5
315 GOAT GALSMarathon Relay2002:56:38.9
328 OLD GUYS AND MEMarathon Relay2102:56:45.9
357 WILLAWAS OF THE WESTMarathon Relay2203:03:22.3
322 LEAVENWORTH LIGHTNINGMarathon Relay2303:06:02.1
344 TEAM ANDERSONMarathon Relay2403:08:49.6
335 SCRAMBLED LEGS N ACHINMarathon Relay2503:09:56.7
339 SKIING SNOWBALLSMarathon Relay2603:10:34.9
323 LONE PINE RACINGMarathon Relay2703:14:00.1
353 VANCOUVER NORDIC RACERSMarathon Relay2803:14:27.7
317 KARSTEN KEI AND EMMAMarathon Relay2903:14:59.7
337 SKI. EAT. REPEAT!Marathon Relay3003:20:53.5
355 WE LL HAVE TO TRAIN FOR THISMarathon Relay3103:23:01.3
329 OSB - ALES AND TRAILSMarathon Relay3203:27:08.2
306 BANDITA SOLMarathon Relay3303:27:08.4
354 WALLINGFORD SKI TEAMMarathon Relay3403:29:27.2
341 SNOW FLOWERSMarathon Relay3503:31:49.6
309 BRAINSTORMMarathon Relay3603:32:19.9
320 LAUREN&JULIA!Marathon Relay3703:34:40.8
360 CONWAY COUGARSMarathon Relay3803:39:41.1
351 THE WHOLE FAMDAMILYMarathon Relay3903:39:54.0
313 CZECH DESE SKISMarathon Relay4003:41:42.4

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Name: Ski to the Sun Marathon and Relay
Date: 2019-01-26
Location: Winthrop, WA
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