IIRONMAN 70.3 Subic Bay Philippines

2019-06-02 • 70.3 Results

719 Participants • 87 Women • 555 Men

Average Time: 06:53:55
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RankComp.ViewBIBNameCategoryGender PlaceCat. PlaceSwimBikeRunFinish
1 1Timothy James ReedMPRO1100:24:3402:13:4601:23:1704:04:33.0
2 2Tim Van BerkelMPRO2200:24:3402:13:4701:27:1704:08:36.0
3 5Nicholas BaldwinMPRO3300:26:3102:14:0601:25:3604:09:06.0
4 8Alexander PolizziMPRO4400:23:2102:14:5301:31:1604:12:36.0
5 3372Team PANGASINAN MULTISPORTRelay-M1100:28:5102:26:2001:29:1404:28:49.0
6 246Guillaume RondyM35-395100:27:5102:21:5301:35:1904:28:58.0
7 16Caroline ​claudia SteffenFPRO1100:26:5202:24:5401:34:1704:29:14.0
8 3Sam​uel Melle​ BettenMPRO6500:23:3002:18:2401:45:0704:30:24.0
9 178Simon GallotM30-347100:27:5002:20:1501:45:2204:37:13.0
10 17Dimity Lee DukeFPRO2200:29:5702:28:2301:41:2504:42:58.0

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Name: IIRONMAN 70.3 Subic Bay Philippines
Date: 2019-06-02
Location: Subic Bay, Bataan
70.3 Results View Results
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