Défi Tri-O-Lacs

2012-06-03 • 5 KM Marche

12 Participants • 7 Women • 5 Men

Average Time: 00:49:26
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Placegun time
1407MARYSE POIRIER DOYONF50-5911100:43:26.9
1126HARRY DAGHAVARIANM70-7921100:43:27.5
1191DENISE GARIEPYF50-5932200:43:43.1
1370CAROLE MURRAYF50-5943300:43:44.5
1255JEAN MARC LAFLECHEM30-3952100:45:52.7
1595DAENA TURNERF12-1364100:46:07.5
1495ELAINE TURNERF40-4975100:46:32.1
1115JO ANNE CROTEAUF50-5986400:53:27.2
1155DENYS DUPONTM60-6993100:53:27.4
1295RENAUD LECLERC LATULIPPEM20-29104100:54:09.1
1350MARIE-EVE MCSWEENF20-29117100:54:09.4
1159JEAN-LOUIS DUROCHERM60-69125201:04:55.8

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