Alley Loop Nordic Marathon

2019-02-02 • 3K Kids Race

65 Participants • 34 Women • 31 Men

Average Time: 00:13:26
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
878Mila Moseley Overall Female11100:06:11.3
902Oliver Parker Overall Male21100:06:12.3
903John Parker Overall Male32200:06:16.8
908Carbon KRUTHAUPT Overall Male43300:06:17.5
929Nolan FrymoyerMale 8-1154100:06:23.8
916CJ HorningMale 8-1165200:06:29.4
892Eli CoopMale 8-1176300:06:51.4
875Madalyn Baily Overall Female82200:07:22.9
871Phoebe Reid Overall Female93300:07:50.4
890Tazlina PoznerFemale 8-11104100:07:51.2
887Brie BenderFemale 8-11115200:08:35.3
926Slade EhlersMale 1-7127100:09:01.8
879Quanah MoseleyMale 1-7138200:09:15.1
901Ben LarsonMale 1-7149300:09:16.6
915Harper ReidFemale 1-7156100:10:15.5
876Micah HansenMale 8-111610400:10:26.4
898Anna SimakovFemale 8-11177300:11:21.1
884Lucy KelleyFemale 12-14188100:11:38.4
891Trevan BakerMale 8-111911500:11:46.5
882Josie GarnerFemale No Awards209100:12:30.9
881Christy GarnerFemale No Awards2110200:12:34.6
880Willam GarnerMale No Awards2212100:12:36.2
911Beckwith HaszMale 1-72313400:13:03.2
883Christina Tinker-MadsenFemale No Awards2411300:13:42.3
874Lumen HaleyFemale No Awards2512400:14:34.9
872Joelle HaleyFemale No Awards2613500:14:35.1
873Richard HaleyMale No Awards2714200:14:35.3
927Haven BarnesMale No Awards2815300:14:48.7
904Katie McLeanFemale No Awards3014600:14:51.4
905Keaton WhitcombMale No Awards3117500:14:54.3
928Suzie McCombeFemale No Awards3215700:15:37.1
906Lauran IntinarelliFemale No Awards3316800:15:37.3
924Josie PassantFemale 1-73417200:15:41.4
918Jessie WhiteFemale 8-113518400:15:45.1
919Heather DuryeaFemale No Awards3619900:15:45.8
900Joshua RasmussenMale No Awards3718600:15:47.2
920Samantha BailyFemale 1-73820300:16:46.6
877Elijah HansenMale 1-73919500:17:01.3
912Arabella HaszFemale 8-114021500:17:35.6
914Christie HaszFemale No Awards41221000:17:37.0

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