goodr Vancouver Beer Mile 6.0

2019-05-10 • Individual

44 Participants • 6 Women • 38 Men

Average Time: 00:09:37
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Place
49Robin WatsonMale111
25Andrew HallMale222
43Anthony C TomsichMale333
42Ian ThomsonMale444
26Carter HawkeMale555
22Craig FowlerMale666
32Jeff McEwenMale777
30Lee KennettMale888
28Steven JohnsonMale999
1David AdamsMale101010
21Stuart FarleyMale111111
36Nicholas PondMale121212
10Brendan CadeMale131313
18Thomas DitchfieldMale141414
15Gabe CugelmanMale151515
20Matt EhrenreichMale161616
19Brendan EamerMale171717
37Michael PrinceMale181818
27Cory JennermannMale191919
33Ben MorleyMale202020
12Aaron CarvethMale212121
4Matthew BeattyMale222222
9Chris BrooksMale232323
46Katrina VerweelFemale2411
38Whitney RadforthFemale2522
40Graham RaynorMale262424
44Mark VaneeMale272525
47Paul VialMale282626
5Stefano BocciaMale292727
45Brent VatneMale302828
41Juanita Hummell-CarriereFemale3133
7Misako BraatenFemale3244
23Michael GamacheMale332929
16Scott DaleyMale343030
35Sigrid OttoFemale3555
17Kevin De LeonMale363131
6Kashtin BogartMale373232
24David GrantMale383333
29Derek JunoMale393434
48Chris WarnkeMale403535

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Name: goodr Vancouver Beer Mile 6.0
Date: 2019-05-10
Location: Vancouver, BC
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