Coupe de Huế Gran Fondo 2019

2019-09-22 • Half Fondo

126 Participants • 17 Women • 109 Men

Average Time: 01:26:58
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Place11kfinish time
36Thái Quốc Tuấn Male 18-3411100:18:4001:09:30.1
35Nguyễn Hoàng Sang Male 18-3422200:18:2401:09:30.2
206Hoàng Thái Sơn Male 35-4933100:18:2101:10:31.0
224Vương Miên Hậu Male 35-4944200:18:1601:10:32.0
204Phan Hoàng Male 35-4955300:19:0001:10:32.1
221Lê Trung Hiếu Male 35-4966400:19:0201:10:32.3
285Trang Văn Dũng Male 50+77100:18:2901:10:32.3
286Huỳnh Kim Toàn Male 50+88200:18:2701:10:32.5
225Trần Duy Nguyên Male 35-4999500:18:0601:10:32.6
190Tống Xuân Quốc Male 18-341010300:18:1701:10:32.9
287Trần Công Thịnh Male 50+1111300:18:3701:10:33.0
223Trần Phước Quang Male 35-491212600:18:3101:10:33.1
222Nguyễn Thanh Sơn Male 35-491313700:18:5601:10:33.2
210Lê Thanh Bình Male 35-491414800:18:4401:10:33.2
277Lê Đình Trang Male 50+1515400:19:0401:10:33.7
270Nguyễn Thế Nghĩa Male 50+1616500:18:5801:10:33.9
192Tran Quoc Trung Male 35-491717900:18:5501:10:34.0
232Phạm Tuấn Male 35-4918181000:18:4201:10:34.3
281Lê Phước Hoàng Nguyên Male 50+1919600:18:3501:10:34.4
289Trần Tuấn Cường Male 50+2020700:18:2001:10:34.5
205Nguyễn Minh Toàn Male 35-4921211100:18:5701:10:35.1
259Huỳnh Công Hải Male 50+2222800:18:3401:10:35.4
202Lê Sỹ Quang Male 35-4923231200:18:5601:10:38.1
234Nguyễn Xuân Linh Male 35-4924241300:17:5501:10:41.8
291Lê Tấn Thành Male 50+2525900:18:4501:10:45.5
268Lê Thanh Thành Male 50+26261000:19:0301:10:46.9
182Lê Đình Long Male 18-342727400:18:5301:10:47.3
207Dương Văn Lợi Male 35-4928281400:18:4301:10:48.1
217Hoàng Hữu Tài Male 50+29291100:18:4001:11:14.5
265Nguyễn Văn Lộc Male 50+30301200:18:4801:11:33.9
34Nguyễn Minh Nhật Male 18-343131500:18:1901:13:27.8
209Vũ Quang Nhự Male 35-4932321500:18:5101:13:28.4
145Sean Quinn Male 50+33331300:18:5801:15:28.0
203Phan Lộc Male 35-4934341600:19:3301:15:28.5
275Nguyễn Văn Thành Male 50+35351400:19:3201:15:29.1
177Prateek Singh Male 18-343636600:19:3301:15:30.2
256Lưu Sỹ Quang Male 50+37371500:19:5101:15:31.0
146Gavin Reid Male 50+38381600:18:5101:15:31.4
226Nguyễn Đình Hồng Male 35-4939391700:19:5201:15:31.5
262Đỗ Minh Trí Male 50+40401700:19:0001:15:32.0

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Name: Coupe de Huế Gran Fondo 2019
Date: 2019-09-22
Location: Huế, Thừa Thiên-Huế
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