Demi-Marathon Marcel Jobin

2012-07-14 • 2 km

23 Participants • 11 Women • 12 Men

Average Time: 00:08:55
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
36Guillaume BOUCHARDM15-1911100:06:49.6
186Xavier HOULEM15-1922200:06:50.9
37Jonathan BOUCHARDM15-1933300:07:03.7
28Jade BERUBEF15-1941100:07:07.4
87Laurie CUSTEAUF12-1452100:07:18.5
185Marianne HOULEF12-1463200:07:28.4
481Maude BAILLARGEONF15-1974200:07:36.8
574Caroline ST-ANTOINEF12-1485300:07:57.2
561Alex DARGISM15-1994400:08:01.8
313M-Frederique POULINF12-14106400:08:03.6
568Victor LEBELM15-19115500:08:09.4
567Dave POULINM15-19126600:08:09.4
122Xavier DUPUISM12-14137100:08:14.8
300Marianne PERRONF12-14147500:08:32.4
38Olivier BOUCHARDM12-14158200:08:46.0
323Guillaume RICHARDM12-14169300:09:27.9
591Xavier DUGALM11-1710100:09:35.8
120Sandrine DUPUISF12-14188600:10:07.8
385Jérémy BEAULNE-RICARDM12-141911400:10:51.1
294Katriana PAYETTEF12-14209700:11:09.9
31Danabelle BOISVERTF15-192110300:12:23.5
6Rose-Marie BEAULIEUF11-2211100:12:28.3
573Victor-Xavier LALIBERTEM12-142312500:12:38.7

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Name: Demi-Marathon Marcel Jobin
Date: 2012-07-14
Location: Yamachiche, QC
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