USSA Cross Country State Championships

2020-10-17 • Boys JV

47 Participants • 0 Women • 47 Men

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292Lorenzo SisnerosBoys JV100:09:07.5American Heritage
468James O'BrienBoys JV200:09:30.2Vanguard
436Evan ThompsonBoys JV300:09:42.0Spectrum Academy
472Nathan WhiteBoys JV400:09:43.6Vanguard
456Aden GustafsonBoys JV500:10:02.5Vanguard
459James GustafsonBoys JV600:10:05.3Vanguard
453Joseph ColemanBoys JV700:10:05.9Vanguard
461Karl GustafsonBoys JV800:10:17.5Vanguard
466Michael KingstonBoys JV900:10:28.3Vanguard
462Landen GustafsonBoys JV1000:10:36.6Vanguard
454Jacob EvansBoys JV1100:10:57.8Vanguard
470Zachary StephensBoys JV1200:11:13.8Vanguard
978Caleb StephansBoys JV1300:11:14.2Vanguard
460Jeffrey GustafsonBoys JV1400:11:22.6Vanguard
282Kyle SmithBoys JV1500:11:40.7American Academy of Innovation
464Clyde KendallBoys JV1600:11:53.9Vanguard
477Joshua KingstonBoys JV1700:11:54.7Vanguard
455Curtis GibsonBoys JV1800:13:18.6Vanguard
479Clyde WashingtonBoys JV1900:13:23.7Vanguard
279Erik MellaBoys JV2000:13:32.2American Academy of Innovation
286Colton WilliamsBoys JV2100:14:01.6American Academy of Innovation
975Jaden FordBoys JV2200:14:08.2American Academy of Innovation
273Brody AndersonBoys JV2300:14:11.1American Academy of Innovation
284Brighton SteuartBoys JV2400:14:51.8American Academy of Innovation
970Eli ChavezBoys JV2500:15:58.2American Academy of Innovation
281Coleman PriceBoys JV2600:16:15.2American Academy of Innovation
280Tristen MoralesBoys JV2700:16:18.8American Academy of Innovation
433Colten JamesonBoys JV2800:16:34.7Spectrum Academy
323Mark RingleBoys JV2900:18:14.8Davinci
285Camden WalkerBoys JV3000:18:43.3American Academy of Innovation
274Ian BranhamBoys JV3100:20:09.3American Academy of Innovation
974Bryce ClawsonBoys JV3200:20:18.2American Academy of Innovation
434Issac JamesonBoys JV3300:21:02.8Spectrum Academy
283Jaxon SommerBoys JVAmerican Academy of Innovation
448Jacob BrownBoys JVVanguard
449Kent BrownBoys JVVanguard
450Joseph CarmichaelBoys JVVanguard
451Joseph CarterBoys JVVanguard
452Nathan CarterBoys JVVanguard
457Clark GustafsonBoys JVVanguard

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Name: USSA Cross Country State Championships
Date: 2020-10-17
Location: Woods Cross, UT
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