Providence Hall High School Cross Country Meet

2020-09-16 • Varsity Boys

25 Participants • 0 Women • 25 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryaffiliationCat. PlaceFinish
23305Gage JacobsonVarsity BoysProvidence Hall100:17:48.2
23306Brayden GrantVarsity BoysProvidence Hall200:17:54.8
23295Garon DustinVarsity BoysSummit Academy300:18:09.6
23298Zack HaleVarsity BoysGrantsville400:18:10.7
23308Noah TsubakiVarsity BoysProvidence Hall500:18:16.5
23311Miles AshbyVarsity BoysProvidence Hall600:18:17.9
23307Collin GreenVarsity BoysProvidence Hall700:18:20.3
23297Evan ThomasVarsity BoysGrantsville800:18:21.0
23299James LimburgVarsity BoysGrantsville900:18:42.7
23294Stewart WoodwardVarsity BoysSummit Academy1000:18:56.1
23301Brock MerrillVarsity BoysGrantsville1100:19:27.7
23287Anthony PowellVarsity BoysSouth Summit1200:19:46.8
23310Eli PayneVarsity BoysProvidence Hall1300:19:49.0
23288Kevin TimothyVarsity BoysSouth Summit1400:19:57.2
23296Chase EbertVarsity BoysSummit Academy1500:20:02.2
23303Jacob PasseyVarsity BoysGrantsville1600:20:05.9
23300Ross RichardsonVarsity BoysGrantsville1700:20:20.1
23304Kagun FaveroVarsity BoysGrantsville1800:20:37.3
23293Toby KunzVarsity BoysSouth Summit1900:21:10.1
23290Aden SchiemerVarsity BoysSouth Summit2000:22:59.7
23292Gordon LearyVarsity BoysSouth Summit2100:25:50.8
61481Ellis LearyVarsity BoysSouth Summit2200:26:27.4
23289Brenton TimothyVarsity BoysSouth Summit
23291Spence BurrellVarsity BoysSouth Summit
23309Mikael WeissVarsity BoysProvidence Hall

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Name: Providence Hall High School Cross Country Meet
Date: 2020-09-16
Location: Bluffdale, UT
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