Ottawa Early Bird Triathlon

2022-05-21 • Long SwimCycle

21 Participants • 12 Women • 9 Men

Run time is the time from the transition zone to the finish line
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceSwimBikeFinish
232Rick HellardMale Open11100:08:4300:43:2400:56:29.0
357Olivier RiskMale Open22200:06:1800:50:2801:01:03.0
356Sebastien PrevostMale Open33300:11:0400:47:3101:03:56.0
352Angus CharlandMale Open44400:07:1200:53:5101:07:42.0
355Kathryn LyonsFemale Open51100:50:5401:08:37.0
350Julia AimersFemale Open62200:10:3700:51:3201:08:55.0
354Ashley LamyFemale Open73301:13:5201:13:52.0
353Eric EifMale Open85500:11:1500:58:2601:17:09.0
359Camilla SharpeFemale Open94401:21:4701:21:47.0
351Marlene CayerFemale Open105501:24:5701:24:57.0
358Simone Rose-oliverFemale Open116601:40:0101:40:01.0
336Julia AimersFemale Open
337Marlene CayerFemale Open
338Angus CharlandMale Open
339Eric EifMale Open
340Ashley LamyFemale Open
341Kathryn LyonsFemale Open
342Sebastien PrevostMale Open
343Olivier RiskMale Open
344Simone Rose-oliverFemale Open
345Camilla SharpeFemale Open

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