Defi Entreprises Montréal

2022-05-14 • 5 km par equipe

90 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

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Comp.ViewNameRankpointsOfficial Time
Equipe WSP Canada Inc.1800:41:32.0
Equipe SNC Lavalin22000:44:56.3
Equipe Mirego32400:46:05.7
Equipe Co-operators Montreal43000:44:28.4
Equipe Fasken53100:46:40.8
Equipe Fasken53200:46:40.8
Equipe Parsons inc.63500:45:35.8
Equipe LifeWorks - Montreal73900:47:20.0
Equipe Alfa mega84700:47:44.2
Equipe Prevost95800:45:46.6
Equipe EBC inc.105800:48:00.7
Equipe Bouclair116000:49:06.2
Equipe LGS une societe IBM127500:50:12.5
Equipe Lockheed Martin138800:51:20.6
Equipe Squeeze Studio Animation148900:51:26.8
Equipe Laporte Experts Conseils - Montreal159700:51:59.3
Equipe Mouvement Desjardins1610400:51:32.2
Equipe Quebecor et ses filiales1712000:52:54.2
Equipe Beneva1812800:53:06.8
Equipe Normandin Beaudry1914300:54:42.8
Equipe nventive2014900:53:53.3
Equipe CNESST2116100:54:27.9
Equipe Genipur2217100:55:32.7
Equipe Nova Bus2317400:55:32.1
Equipe Desjardins Entreprises2417500:56:09.0
Equipe Norda Stelo2517800:55:45.9
Equipe MABAREX2618100:56:03.2
Equipe Ministere de l'Economie et de l'Innovati2618200:56:12.4
Equipe Ministere de l’Immigration de la Francis2718300:56:28.7
Equipe Ministere de l'Economie et de l'Innovati2818700:56:12.4
Equipe Eurofins EnvironeX2920000:57:04.9
Equipe Essences & Fragrances Bell3020100:56:58.8
Equipe CRT Construction3120800:56:06.3
Equipe Ministere de l'Education3223100:57:39.7
Equipe Vice-presidence Acces Desjardins3324700:58:53.7
Equipe Johnson Controls3426300:59:25.4
Equipe Bridor Inc.3526900:58:24.9
Equipe Ministere des Transports du Quebec3629101:00:29.9
Equipe BBA3730001:00:57.1
Equipe Enterprise Locations de Voitures et Cami3830801:01:12.0

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Name: Defi Entreprises Montréal
Date: 2022-05-14
Location: Montreal, QC
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