Rotary Club of Vancouver Bike-A-Thon

2022-07-10 • 91.41 km

119 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameRankOfficial Time
227Quinn Scott103:14:31.0
209Guilherme Nogueira De Paulo203:23:40.0
205Rob Mondin303:30:48.0
127Peter Cotterill403:30:49.0
132Craig Dewar503:30:50.0
266Eitan Prisman603:30:52.0
151Darren Harris703:30:52.0
253Brian Westerberg803:31:01.0
255Scott Yamaoka903:31:02.0
147Peter Gooderham1003:31:04.0
261Gregory Zembik1103:33:03.0
120Brian Cheung1203:34:14.0
187Kevin Mackenzie1303:35:39.0
207Chris Motion1403:35:59.0
243Alexander Toth1503:36:02.0
237Anna Talman1603:36:04.0
152Stewart Hayashi1703:36:10.0
146Geoffrey Glotman1803:36:12.0
265Sian Spacey1903:36:12.0
181Richard Littlemore2003:36:21.0
129Michael Daerendinger2103:36:26.0
138Taylor Fahr2203:36:27.0
125Ian Collins2303:37:29.0
242Andrew Thamboo2403:39:26.0
256Sunny Yum2503:40:54.0
139Sandy Fleming2603:46:01.0
131Ross Densky2703:46:01.0
162Kaveh Jamshidi2803:46:06.0
180Jonathon Lingham2903:46:06.0
195Bob McDonald3003:48:33.0
248Darcy Wakelyn3103:50:56.0
230Joel Smith3203:51:12.0
106Shane Arishenkoff3303:51:12.0
179Kenton Lepp3403:51:14.0
188Scott MacKenzie3503:51:14.0
141Gardy Frost3603:51:14.0
223Michael Sauder3703:51:17.0
110Benjy Berger3803:51:17.0
235Jay Stacey3903:54:32.0
153Cindy Hayto4003:57:47.0

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Name: Rotary Club of Vancouver Bike-A-Thon
Date: 2022-07-10
Location: Vancouver, BC
91.41 km View Results
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