2022-05-19 • U8 - Garcons

50 Participants • 0 Women • 50 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceOfficial Time
172Oliver Lin2e annee1100:09:52.4
107William Beauge Jassinthe2e annee2200:10:06.9
142Evan Ladikpo2e annee3300:10:13.5
133Samuel Blangez2e annee4400:10:26.6
137Gabriel Jiarui Cui2e annee5500:10:28.1
138Yusheng Huang2e annee6600:10:34.8
106Martin Barrios-Cabarcas2e annee7700:10:36.6
168Adam Elguebaly2e annee8800:10:52.0
151Youssef Sherif Magdy Sabaa2e annee9900:10:53.9
195Nolan Ladikpo2e annee101000:10:55.0
152James Shuhaibar2e annee111100:10:55.6
130Jacob Zhu2e annee121200:11:01.5
116Sasha Mikael Gheorghe2e annee131300:11:05.6
119Nathaniel Li2e annee141400:11:11.7
167Lijun Chen2e annee151500:11:17.1
128Eliot Vienneau2e annee161600:11:24.2
159Raphael Abid2e annee171700:11:27.0
110Malik Bujold2e annee181800:11:28.7
191Nathan Fu2e annee191900:11:34.3
148Rami Mouzyane2e annee202000:11:36.5
108Zachary Bikyeyev2e annee212100:11:43.2
154Carlos Sun2e annee222200:11:49.3
203Theodore Orfali2e annee232300:11:55.4
194Chris Kaldas2e annee242400:11:59.5
207Ruben Seha2e annee252500:12:02.5
213Asher Chengyu Zhao2e annee262600:12:03.0
145Evan Mo2e annee272700:12:05.2
210Colin Wang2e annee282800:12:11.4
202Tram-Alexy Ngo2e annee292900:12:14.6
105Shayan Asghar2e annee303000:12:33.6
162Felopater Betrous2e annee313100:12:38.6
150Evan Ni2e annee323200:13:33.9
214Felix Zou2e annee333300:13:53.3
169Selim Faltas2e annee343400:13:53.7
113Remy Cyr2e annee353500:14:00.0
199Kevin Maalouf2e annee363600:14:11.5
117Emmanuel Hanna2e annee373700:14:18.6
109Raphael Bittar2e annee383800:14:18.6
103Malek Adib Abdul Wahed2e annee393900:14:44.7
158Aaron Xie2e annee404000:14:50.4

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