BMO Sunshine Coast April Fool's Run

2014-04-06 • Half Marathon Relay

39 Participants • 25 Women • 10 Men

Average Time: 02:04:30
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
4008 PUNJAB RUNNING CLUB 3R4 Relay11101:27:52.0
4004 LamChapsR4 Relay21201:32:29.0
4015 TurtlesR4 Relay32301:33:48.0
2007 Will Run for WineR2 Relay42101:34:36.0
2004 BANANA GLUER2 Relay53201:38:14.0
2010 Callum's CrewR2 Relay63301:42:06.0
2021 Team NameR2 Relay7401:42:59.0
4002 Running Team SupremeR4 Relay84401:46:00.0
4005 Mother TruckersR4 Relay94501:50:45.0
4013 PUNJAB RUNNING CLUB 2R4 Relay105601:55:57.0
4001 Dynamite D'sR4 Relay115701:56:34.0
2011 Dancing WinosR2 Relay126501:56:47.0
2001 Floating RunnersR2 Relay137601:56:57.0
4017 Pashkewych Family LightningR4 Relay14801:58:19.0
4016 Bat GirlsR4 Relay158902:01:40.0
2003 The Tough TackiesR2 Relay169702:01:44.0
2020 FlooziesR2 Relay17802:02:35.0
4012 Probably going to win itR4 Relay18101002:02:41.0
2019 Dynamic DuoR2 Relay19902:02:55.0
4010 Schrodinger's CatsR4 Relay2061102:03:10.0
4014 Scrambled LegsR4 Relay21111202:05:05.0
4018 Vancouver Dynamic DuoR2 Relay22121002:05:10.0
4011 Running for Lunch at Molly'sR4 Relay23131302:08:43.0
4007 PUNJAB RUNNING CLUB 1R4 Relay2471402:09:48.0
2018 Going for a TrollR2 Relay25141102:10:52.0
2015 Sugar and SpiceR2 Relay26151202:11:51.0
2008 Sr DivasR2 Relay27161302:13:01.0
2016 Ain't Nobody Got Time for ThatR2 Relay28171402:13:41.0
4009 Gibsons Sunday SlackersR4 Relay2981502:19:43.0
2006 Fox and CanaryR2 Relay3091502:21:55.0
4006 Booty Camp GirlsR4 Relay31181602:23:01.0
4003 Rainer's AngelsR4 Relay32191702:26:05.0
2009 BLONDIE AND TUCOR2 Relay33101602:26:08.0
2014 SEAWEEDS HEALTH FOODR2 Relay34201702:31:01.0
2017 Sweaty fireballs 1R2 Relay35211802:36:43.0
2005 Snail PacersR2 Relay36221902:50:38.0
2013 Sweaty fireballs 2R2 Relay37232002:51:59.0
2002 7 PERCENT CLUBR2 Relay38
2012 Beamer BabesR2 Relay39

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Name: BMO Sunshine Coast April Fool's Run
Date: 2014-04-06
Location: Gibsons to Sechelt, BC
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