Petawawa Iron Man Event

2014-09-11 • Day 2

188 Participants • 9 Women • 178 Men

Average Time: 07:58:15
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Placegun time
429Capt Jason RobinsonMALE11106:13:56.6
424Maj Greg Vander KloetMALE22206:17:43.5
511Maj Jesse KnoklebyMALE33306:18:26.0
376Mwo Fgj LavoieMALE44406:30:25.8
485Pte Drew HollingsworthMALE55506:33:09.3
531McPl Duncan HillMALE66606:33:42.9
445Cpl Shane StewartMALE77706:41:43.9
442Cpl James MacLellanMALE88806:41:44.1
332Lt David NeppelMALE99906:44:26.6
423Lcol Russell WashburnMALE10101006:44:26.9
444Cpl Adam StebbingMALE11111106:46:16.2
426Capt Jonathan CoxMALE12121206:48:30.7
481Sgt Devon HatcherMALE13131306:49:17.0
364Codey VansteelandtMALE14141406:55:17.0
483McPl Jonathon SchmidtMALE15151506:56:41.5
351Capt Gord JacksonMALE16161607:02:15.1
434Sgt Jason ArmstrongMALE17171707:04:36.3
328Lt Harry LittleMALE18181807:06:52.5
482Maj Jonathan HubbleMALE19191907:07:52.2
496Wo James ToppM-MAST2020107:08:23.2
461Pte Maxime HacheMALE21212007:10:25.4
349Maj Joanna HardwickFEMALE221107:10:43.3
367Maj Melanie LakeFEMALE232207:10:43.4
381McPl Jc RoyerMALE24222107:11:53.9
387Cpl Travis HurdMALE25232207:11:58.0
537Wo Patrick TwomeyM-MAST2624207:12:31.6
499Capt Alastair GirvanMALE27252307:13:17.4
355Maj Ben LafaveMALE28262407:13:31.8
316Sgt James BrownM-MAST2927307:13:41.8
314Capt Charles BowesMALE30282507:14:21.6
395Lcol Sunny HattonMALE31292607:15:12.9
370Capt Sr DaviesMALE32302707:15:48.6
371Col Peter DaweM-MAST3331407:16:39.6
336Capt Doug RoopMALE34322807:17:16.3
323Sgt Gord HuckleMALE35332907:17:32.9
382Cpl Randy KuiperiMALE36343007:17:38.7
573Pte Simon GauthierMALE37353107:18:49.0
539Cpl Julien Bouchard-Bourdeau3807:20:06.8
346Lcol Mark GasparottoM-MAST3936507:20:47.5
449Pte Nicholas O'HaraMALE40373207:22:12.0

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Name: Petawawa Iron Man Event
Date: 2014-09-11
Location: Petawawa, ON
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