2023-03-26 • 5 km

1429 Participants • 748 Women • 681 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameGenderRankGender Place3.5kfinish timechip time
51081Ly Toan Phat Di M1100:11:2000:17:11.800:17:11.5
50056Bui Tuan Lam M2200:11:3500:17:20.800:17:20.7
50938Le Hoang Thuong M3300:11:3700:17:35.700:17:35.7
50178David Georges Auguste Laroche M4400:11:3600:17:44.100:17:44.1
51172Nguyen Hoang Phuc M5500:11:3700:18:13.600:18:13.6
50950Nguyen van Thong M6600:12:0800:18:24.200:18:23.0
50682Nguyen Anh Tu M7700:12:2300:18:36.300:18:35.6
50342Huynh van Thanh M8800:12:2300:18:40.900:18:40.1
51508Ho Phuoc Hai M9900:12:2300:18:44.100:18:44.1
50911Tran Thanh Cuong M101000:12:2500:18:56.800:18:56.0
51480Hoang Minh Quan M111100:12:4900:19:24.300:19:23.4
50146Than van Dao M121200:12:4100:19:25.900:19:24.7
51237Dien Tien Hoa M131300:12:4900:19:40.900:19:39.5
51481Nguyen Truong Phuc M141400:13:2200:20:02.200:20:01.0
50470Truong Chi Kien M151500:13:1700:20:09.200:20:09.2
51158Nguyen Ngoc Tan M161600:13:3500:20:18.000:20:16.9
51372Bui Quang Vinh M171700:14:0200:21:07.400:21:01.0
51422Truong Hong Uyen F18100:13:5900:21:24.500:21:22.1
51483Po Loong Den M191800:14:2200:21:37.300:21:31.1
50628Nguyen Hoang Phuong M201900:14:2700:21:44.200:21:43.4
50821Phan Xuan Thai M212000:14:3200:21:46.800:21:46.8
50174Nguyen Thi Ngoc My F22200:14:1100:21:48.500:21:47.5
50248Thi Ha F23300:14:1600:21:54.100:21:53.3
50604Can van Thanh Anh Minh M242100:11:4900:21:59.600:21:59.5
50311Nguyen Dang Yen Huynh F25400:14:4800:22:13.300:22:13.3
51278Alexander Kendall Reede M262200:14:2000:22:19.200:21:10.8
50203Vu Pham Thanh Tuan M272300:14:4500:22:38.300:22:37.0
50517Vu Dinh van M282400:14:2700:22:53.200:22:53.2
50210Nguyen Le Tran F29500:15:1100:22:54.800:22:54.2
50265To van Dinh M302500:14:5800:22:56.200:22:50.4
51148Dang Viet Hoang M312600:15:2000:23:04.400:23:03.8
50444Chau My Linh F32600:23:14.100:23:06.7
50826Mao Quoc Tien M332700:23:21.800:23:21.8
50806Nguyen Quang van M342800:15:2200:23:26.900:23:26.9
51122Nguyen Thi Truc Phuong F35700:15:4200:23:35.200:23:34.7
50535Nguyen Thien Phuoc M362900:07:1200:23:42.200:23:42.2
50086Nguyen van Luom M373000:15:3000:23:48.700:23:47.4
51126Nguyen Thai Chuong M383100:15:4600:24:02.100:24:00.7
50011Hoang Thai Thinh M393200:15:3700:24:24.800:24:24.7
50023Lam Minh M403300:16:0100:24:50.400:24:15.0

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Date: 2023-03-26
Location: Ho Chi Minh
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