Bougeons pour la Fondation des Premieres-Seigneuries

2023-05-27 • 1 Km

85 Participants • 38 Women • 47 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameRankCategoryGender PlaceCat. Place
250Nicolas Alves Silva1M8-9
193Elodie Dube2F8-9
195Marcel Dube3M40-49
65Gabrielle Imbeault4F8-9
147Sara-Jeanne Joly5F8-9
101Zoe Jean6F8-9
253Charlotte Lambert7F6-7
313Mathis Darras8M6-7
314Leane Darras9F8-9
146Victor-Olivier Joly10M6-7
317Henri Valliere11M6-7
14Leticia Lapointe12F6-7
274Lilianne vachon13F8-9
194Joanie Dube14F10-12
316Emmy-Louise Tremblay15F6-7
63Mathilde Tremblay16F10-12
46Laurie Parenteau17F8-9
236Zoe Lessard18F6-7
198Jayden Tremblay19M5-
318Arthur Valliere20M8-9
140Marianne Pouliot21F10-12
12Alexandra Allaire22F30-39
181Edouard Verreault23M6-7
13Dylan Bendo24M10-12
180Andreanne Blondeau25F30-39
196Judy Dube26F40-49
199Claudia Garon27F30-39
269Maude Racine28F30-39
267Elodie Boivin29F5-
268Samuel Boivin30M6-7
255Janny Lebeuf31F30-39
254Christine guay32F60-69
322Eli Duplain Theberge33M6-7
323Brigitte Theberge34F40-49
278David Lopez35M8-9
112Caleb Girard36M6-7
114Jonathan Girard37M30-39
242Alexis Bedard38M6-7
239Dave Bedard39M30-39
240Marie-Claude Doyon40F30-39

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Name: Bougeons pour la Fondation des Premieres-Seigneuries
Date: 2023-05-27
Location: Beauport, QC
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