The County Marathon

2014-10-05 • Full Marathon Team Challenge

60 Participants • 43 Women • 17 Men

Average Time: 04:00:43
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Placegun time
34 Kids Of SteelMIXED TEAM11103:03:05.1
49 SchooledMIXED TEAM22203:04:37.2
20 Freeman's Winemaking ShopMIXED TEAM33303:05:56.9
6 Bootcamp BeastsFEMALE TEAM44103:07:54.3
32 Its Running WildMIXED TEAM51403:10:40.7
59 The Running W(h)inersMALE TEAM62103:13:22.1
7 Bootcamp BeautiesMALE TEAM73203:28:21.0
53 Sucker For PunishmentMIXED TEAM84503:30:01.3
68 ZealMIXED TEAM95603:30:21.1
47 Quinte WestMIXED TEAM105703:30:22.7
46 Queens' GirlsFEMALE TEAM116203:38:33.9
41 Mudley CrewFEMALE TEAM127303:39:23.9
10 Chicks With KicksFEMALE TEAM138403:41:41.9
44 Presqu'ile PacersMIXED TEAM149803:42:17.5
56 TbdMIXED TEAM156903:42:40.1
26 Happy 40 JoMIXED TEAM16101003:45:23.3
69 County CrewMALE TEAM177303:46:29.5
33 Keeping It Real 26/2FEMALE TEAM1811503:49:36.6
27 Hillier CrewMALE TEAM198403:50:08.2
42 Park SharksMIXED TEAM20121103:53:05.8
16 Ems-Tech Mobile EquipmentMIXED TEAM21131203:53:10.0
4 Beestie GirlsFEMALE TEAM2214603:53:49.6
1 2fast4uMALE TEAM239503:55:13.4
15 Dream TeamFEMALE TEAM2415703:59:46.6
52 Stayin AliveFEMALE TEAM2516804:01:31.3
50 Scrambled LegsMIXED TEAM26171304:02:37.7
66 Wentworth Landscape Team OrangeMIXED TEAM27101404:04:10.0
64 Wentworth Landscape Team BlueMIXED TEAM28111504:05:40.8
62 Twisted BlisterFEMALE TEAM2918904:09:19.8
38 Marathon MommasFEMALE TEAM30191004:09:33.1
37 Limestone 2MIXED TEAM31201604:16:03.2
11 ColoaMIXED TEAM32211704:18:26.3
39 Mighty Morphin Marathon RunnersMIXED TEAM33221804:20:08.6
48 Raise A Little HealthFEMALE TEAM34231104:20:23.4
24 Grand River Running Run ClubMIXED TEAM35241904:21:23.4
65 Wentworth Landscape Team GreenMIXED TEAM36122004:22:22.1
54 Sun Life For Adam's Hope 1MIXED TEAM37252104:24:00.8
55 Sun Life For Adam's Hope 2MIXED TEAM38262204:24:01.0
19 FomoFEMALE TEAM39271204:24:26.4
12 Da Do Run RunMIXED TEAM40132304:26:46.2

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