Multisport Canada Triathlon Series Lakeside

2013-09-14 • Kids of Steel - Girls 3 to 5 Year Olds

32 Participants • 32 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 00:11:56
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41Danielle DINYER100:08:26.9
37Alexis SCHOONINGS200:08:36.2
40Addison TREPANIER300:08:43.4
33Anna VURMA400:09:04.0
57Catherine ROBINSON500:09:18.1
39Whitney COOME600:09:19.1
43Kensi DOERR700:10:01.2
38Clare WAGNER800:10:13.0
121Cole WITT900:11:15.6
28Lola WOODS1000:11:17.0
31Kaitlyn ROBINSON1100:11:18.3
15Jessica WEST1200:11:18.8
120Bella HEMEON1300:11:43.5
118Julia DIGGINS1400:11:45.6
47Isabella FROESE1500:11:46.7
46Chloe FROESE1600:11:47.5
45Adrienne CORNEIL1700:12:20.5
44Lucy SCHIEDEL1800:12:24.5
35Emily MINTIS1900:12:26.0
26Layna HARE2000:12:53.9
56Sarah ROBINSON2100:13:03.8
36Sarah MARSLAND2200:13:10.3
50Ashlyn WHITLOCK2300:13:15.2
116Emma GENTTNER2400:13:32.2
29Madelyn DUFFIN2500:13:36.6
25Alexandra COOME2600:14:02.3
52Dahlia ROY2700:14:02.7
60Olivia RUSH2800:14:08.5
27Jillian TREPANIER2900:14:25.5
49Teya MIDMER3000:15:01.2
32Kaleigh FEETHAM3100:15:17.1
30Adeline BEYNON
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