YMCA Relay for Strong Kids

2012-07-05 • Relay

275 Participants • 34 Women • 78 Men

Average Time: 00:57:54
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankCat. Placegun time
292RUNWAY 1 M19-291100:35:46.9
75BAREFOOT WINE & BUBBLY M30-392100:36:58.0
116THE BLACK LUNGS M19-293200:37:04.2
249YMCA - WEST END YMCA - LONGBOA M40-494100:37:50.0
81THE RUNWAY II OPEN(3M/1F)5100:38:48.8
252YMCA - WEST END YMCA - LONGBOA M30-396200:39:15.9
266HUSKY M40-497200:39:48.4
244YMCA - WEST END YMCA - LONGBOA M30-398300:40:26.5
153HYDRO ONE 2-M-RELAY9100:41:36.0
245YMCA - WEST END YMCA - LONGBOA OPEN(3M/1F)10200:41:52.2
283WE'RE BIG IN EUROPE COED-4-R19-3411100:42:01.0
96ENTUITIVE III 2-M-RELAY12200:42:46.6
72BAREFOOT WINE & BUBBLY OPEN(3M/1F)13300:42:53.5
293RUNWAY 4 4-COED14100:43:05.8
296NSPR 2-F-RELAY15100:43:16.4
214PEPSICO OPEN(3F/1M)16100:43:19.4
210PEPSICO OPEN(3F/1M)17200:43:40.7
242YMCA - WEST END YMCA - LONGBOA 2-M-RELAY18300:43:45.1
243WEST END YMCA - LONGBOA M40-4919300:44:09.9
220PRATT & WHITNEY CANADA 2-M-RELAY20400:44:19.8
2GREEN PI INC M40-4922400:44:58.9
255TEAM STEMI I M30-3923400:45:16.9
84THE RUNWAY - WOMEN F19-2924100:45:34.0
157HYDRO ONE M19-2925300:45:53.6
298YMCA - WEST END BORN TO RUN OPEN-4-YMCA(3M/1F)26100:46:03.4
117PINAY-PINOY 2-COED28200:46:53.4
253PEEL PLASTICS M40-4929500:46:58.7
247YMCA - WEST END YMCA - LONGBOA M30-3930500:47:05.5
251YMCA - WEST END YMCA - LONGBOA 2-F-RELAY31200:47:16.3
131SAS - YUM YUM MONKEYS OPEN(3M/1F)32400:47:37.9
302KEVIN SAVOREE 3300:47:48.1
1OPG BULLDOGS M40-4934600:47:56.3
207PEPSICO OPEN(3F/1M)35300:48:07.7
250YMCA - WEST END YMCA - LONGBOA 2-F-RELAY36300:48:18.2
233SWI GROUP OF COMPANIES OPEN(3M/1F)37500:48:53.5
282YMCA - CENTRAL Y OPEN-4-YMCA(3M/1F)38200:49:02.3
246YMCA - WEST END YMCA - LONGBOA M50+39100:49:08.2
47QUEUE IT PROFESSIONALS M19-2940400:49:10.4

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Name: YMCA Relay for Strong Kids
Date: 2012-07-05
Location: Toronto, ON
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