Défi course et marche Desjardins Sainte Thérèse

2015-05-03 • 5 KM Marche

73 Participants • 51 Women • 20 Men

Average Time: 00:50:54
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RankComp.ViewBIBNameCategoryGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
1 662Frederic LoubensM40-491100:38:38.9
2 740Josee MartineauF50-591100:38:54.2
3 475Francis Chouinard-TherrienM30-392100:40:05.7
4 600Enzo BibboM50-593100:40:52.6
5 518Wendy RobinsonF40-492100:41:40.6
6 767Gilbert GuerretteM50-594200:42:03.0
7 768Michel LebuisM50-595300:42:03.1
8 776David GoodiveNO AGE1100:42:34.6
9 511William ParentPAS D'AGE6100:43:09.6
10 664Lise TalbotF40-493200:43:18.8

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Name: Défi course et marche Desjardins Sainte Thérèse
Date: 2015-05-03
Location: Sainte-Thérèse, QC
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