BMO Vancouver Marathon

2015-05-03 • 8 km

1643 Participants • 1108 Women • 535 Men

Average Time: 00:58:19
Congratulations Vancouver Race Finishers! Here's everything you need to know for a speedy recovery! Plus: How to Get Faster, Choose Your Next Run and enjoy the Ultimate Post-Race Binge Meal! Well done!
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RankComp.ViewBIBNameCategoryGender PlaceCat. PlaceSplit 1gun timechip time
1 30524Tyler GintherM45-491100:09:0900:28:3200:28:32.0
2 30014Cameron CookM30-342100:09:0900:28:5300:28:53.0
3 30012Darrin DeforgeM45-493200:09:2900:29:4000:29:40.0
4 30013Chris CallendarM30-344200:09:4300:29:4800:29:48.0
5 30713Mickael FlammentM25-295100:09:3700:30:2400:30:24.0
6 30851Mike WoodM30-346300:09:4400:30:3800:30:38.0
7 30011Jon LittleM30-347400:09:3700:30:5000:30:50.0
8 30015Mark PinckardM55-598100:10:0200:31:2500:31:25.0
10 30016Rob RowanM25-299200:10:1300:32:5200:32:52.0
11 30780Juliette ChristieF50-541100:10:3300:33:2300:33:23.0

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