BMO Sunshine Coast April Fool's Run

2015-04-12 • Half Marathon Relay Teams

39 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 02:00:33
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankCat. Placefinal sprintchip timeOfficial Time
3904Punjab running club R4 Relay110:00:08.9001:26:34.001:26:34.0
4034PUNJAB Running Club 4 R2 Relay210:00:10.8501:30:45.001:30:45.0
3914Better Than Elliot and Liam R4 Relay320:00:06.8501:35:12.001:35:12.0
3915Turbo Molasses R4 Relay430:00:06.4501:37:55.001:37:55.0
4045Just Woke Up R2 Relay520:00:09.3501:41:46.001:41:46.0
4035R and R R2 Relay630:00:14.1001:42:05.001:42:05.0
3907PUNJAB RUNNING CLUB 3 R4 Relay740:00:09.0501:47:32.001:47:32.0
3901Delivren R4 Relay850:00:10.6501:48:15.001:48:15.0
3902Noisy Sneakers R4 Relay960:00:08.9001:48:40.001:48:40.0
4024Curly and Her Gurly R2 Relay1040:00:15.0501:51:04.001:51:04.0
4041Two Fools R2 Relay1150:00:10.3001:52:30.001:52:30.0
4025Curly cues R2 Relay1260:00:11.2001:54:36.001:54:36.0
4023A Girl and a Guy R2 Relay1370:00:11.7001:55:36.001:55:36.0
3911Sunshine Runners R4 Relay1470:00:11.5001:55:51.001:55:51.0
4029East Hants Penguin Racers R2 Relay1580:00:11.1001:56:30.001:56:30.0
3905Punjab Running Club 1 R4 Relay1680:00:09.4001:58:01.001:58:01.0
3906PUNJAB RUNNING CLUB 2 R4 Relay1790:00:08.7001:58:01.001:58:01.0
4027Dancing Winos R2 Relay1890:00:11.9501:58:23.001:58:23.0
4037Tag Me R2 Relay19100:00:12.0501:58:35.001:58:35.0
4042We Got the Runs R2 Relay20110:00:09.5501:58:49.001:58:49.0
4028Do It Again R2 Relay21120:00:17.3501:58:52.001:58:52.0
3913We Run For Chocolate! R4 Relay22100:00:15.0502:03:30.002:03:30.0
4026Cutting Edge Cruisers R2 Relay23130:00:12.1002:04:26.002:04:26.0
3909RIdge Girls R4 Relay24110:00:11.0502:05:50.002:05:50.0
4030GK & M R2 Relay25140:00:11.6002:08:03.002:08:03.0
3912Truck Steamers R4 Relay26120:00:12.8502:09:00.002:09:00.0
3908Reluctant Runners R4 Relay27130:00:12.5502:09:00.002:09:00.0
3903Persistent Parasites R4 Relay28140:00:10.8002:11:31.002:11:31.0
3910Running Blues R4 Relay29150:00:11.9502:12:12.002:12:12.0
4043We won't get fooled again! R2 Relay30150:00:13.2002:12:54.002:12:54.0
4040The Knights of Crampalot R2 Relay31160:00:10.7502:12:59.002:12:59.0
4032Los Caballeros Rapidos R2 Relay32170:00:06.3502:13:26.002:13:26.0
4036Snail Pacers R2 Relay33180:00:12.9002:16:51.002:16:51.0
4022Batgirls 1 R2 Relay34190:00:12.5502:20:58.002:20:58.0
4038Team CK R2 Relay35200:00:17.1502:22:00.002:22:00.0
4021BAE R2 Relay36210:00:17.6002:22:47.002:23:39.0
4044Team Siemens R2 Relay37220:00:16.1002:24:12.002:24:39.0
4039Team Tortoise R2 Relay38230:00:14.4502:35:41.002:35:41.0
4033Milène et maman R2 RelayDQ

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Name: BMO Sunshine Coast April Fool's Run
Date: 2015-04-12
Location: Gibsons to Sechelt, BC
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