Mississauga Marathon Races

2015-05-02 • 10KM Student Relay

148 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 00:55:55
Congratulations Mississauga Race Finishers! Here's everything you need to know for a speedy recovery! Plus: How to Get Faster, Choose Your Next Run and enjoy the Ultimate Post-Race Binge Meal! Well done!
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankCat. PlaceOfficial Time
6572Team Lynx Running PackM-SEC1100:36:01.1
6632Team The Junior Bolts200:39:40.7
6567Team Lougheed 1M-ELEM6-83100:39:47.2
6644Team TomkenX-ELEM6-84100:40:57.0
6604Team Rtms BoysM-ELEM6-85200:41:56.1
6559Team Inches And SecondsM-ELEM6-86300:42:35.6
6504Team BoltsM-ELEM6-87400:42:55.8
6624Team The Asian SquadX-ELEM6-88200:43:04.0
6578Team Newman 3X-ELEM1-59100:43:07.8
6606Team Run Like A GirlF-ELEM6-810100:43:11.8
6590Team Purple Popping PotatoesF-ELEM6-811200:43:39.5
6527Team Ems Eagles 1M-ELEM6-812500:43:46.3
6554Team Huttonville Hawks 2M-ELEM6-813600:43:49.9
6596Team Raiders 6X-ELEM6-814300:44:57.8
6595Team Raiders 5X-ELEM6-815400:45:05.1
6643Team ThunderboltsM-ELEM1-516100:45:10.7
6570Team Lougheed 4M-ELEM6-817700:45:17.4
6645Team Vista 10X-ELEM1-518200:45:26.0
6539Team Fast And The FuriousM-ELEM6-819800:45:30.6
6563Team JuanM-ELEM6-820900:45:41.8
6541Team Fire SquadM-ELEM6-8211000:46:00.8
6542Team Floradale 12200:46:25.3
6523Team Eagles 6M-ELEM6-8231100:46:47.8
6506Team Bubble GuppiesF-ELEM6-824300:46:48.4
6547Team Freaks And GeeksM-ELEM6-8251200:46:50.7
6587Team Plus OnesX-ELEM6-826500:46:52.0
6552Team Hornets 2M-ELEM1-527200:47:37.6
6615Team Sunny View 22800:47:40.2
6564Team Kenollie Ketchup KidsM-ELEM1-529300:47:48.2
6569Team Lougheed 3M-ELEM6-8301300:47:59.3
6568Team Lougheed 2F-ELEM6-831400:48:01.3
6635Team The Mario BrosX-ELEM6-832600:48:14.4
6627Team The Dream TeamF-ELEM6-833500:48:28.8
6605Team Rtms GirlsF-ELEM6-834600:48:46.0
6537Team Fast And Furious 2X-ELEM6-835700:49:01.1
6562Team Jsh JoggersM-SEC36200:49:01.9
6648Team Vista 3X-ELEM1-537300:49:05.6
6576Team Newman 1M-ELEM6-8381400:49:18.9
6607Team Sawmill Sprinters #13900:49:27.9
6629Team The Flying MonkeesF-ELEM6-840700:49:41.0

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