Hayden Homes Happy Girls Run Bend

2015-05-30 • 10k

215 Participants • 213 Women • 2 Men

Average Time: 01:13:57
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Place
604Makenna TEAGUEFEMALE222
570Kelsey SWENSONF19-441
543Caroline PONZINIF30-34551
608Mary Jo MORGANF35-39661
415Ann BAXTERF35-39772
606Anne PENDEYGRAFTF30-34882
460Maureen DURRANTF35-39993
420Andrea BESSMANF35-3910104
501Jung KIPPLEYF35-3911115
605Elana BREEDF20-2412121
539Anastasia ORLANDIF25-2913131
523Sarah MELCHERF25-2914142
610Emily ENOCHF30-3415153
586Madison WINNF19-16162
568Katie STEWARTF20-2417172
418Shelly BERCOTF35-3918186
438Jill COCORESF-MAST19191
451Deana DAVISF-MAST20202
444Marianne COXF35-3921217
498Grace KINGF25-2922223
493Abby JORDANF25-2923234
515Wendy MCCALLF-MAST24243
419Danielle BERNHARDTF20-2425253
441Crystal COOPERF35-3926268
442Carolyn COURTWRIGHTF45-5027271
403Suzanne AKINSF50-5528281
588Donna HOWARDF60-6529291
473Audra GREENF45-5030302
422Lucy BOSCHEF25-2931315
199Dlonna NELSONF35-3932329
538Hannah OLIVERF19-33333
603Isabel SMITHF20-2434344
601Monica MCCLAIN-SMITHF50-5435351
564Sarah SHEAF25-2936366
546Kristen RAMEYF25-2937377
525Tara MILLERF40-4438381
590Sarah DONALDSONF35-39393910
508Jasmine LOWF40-4440402

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Name: Hayden Homes Happy Girls Run Bend
Date: 2015-05-30
Location: Bend, OR
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