Woodrat 25er Mountain Bike Race

2015-06-06 • 25 Miles

45 Participants • 4 Women • 41 Men

Average Time: 02:35:11
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31Dale COOK25 Mile M 40-49102:02:03.9
44Mike GAERTNER25 Mile M 40-49202:04:33.4
26Eric BEE25 Mile M 30-39302:04:44.9
18Daniel SHAW25 Mile M 30-39402:06:38.0
42Cully TODDM50+502:11:47.3
32Alex MARTINEX25 Mile M 20-29602:12:24.5
35Tom RYSE25 Mile M 40-49702:14:50.3
12Jon HOUK25 Mile M 30-39802:17:49.4
34Alan PETRIE25 Mile M 40-49902:18:04.5
22Ryan WITHAM25 Mile M 30-391002:18:51.7
80Kelly LYNCH25 Mile M 30-391102:26:51.1
36Shaun MROGEN25 Mile M 40-491202:28:03.8
24Svein NOSTDANZM50+1302:31:08.7
16Pete ROBERTS25 Mile M 30-391402:33:46.7
76Mahlon HOUK25 Mile M 20-291502:33:56.3
38Scott RULANDER25 Mile M 40-491602:35:43.6
1Nick BLANK25 Mile M 20-291702:37:51.0
37Tim MORANM50+1802:37:54.0
11Nathan HANSEN25 Mile M 40-491902:38:02.2
6Charles GALLAGHERM50+2002:38:33.4
21Steven WEAVER25 Mile M 30-392102:38:46.7
25Steve SANDER25 Mile M 30-392202:38:57.3
33Ryan ZIMMER25 Mile M 20-292302:40:03.7
9David GRAVES25 Mile M 40-492402:42:40.8
43Jenni GAERTNER25 Mile F 30-392502:42:47.0
27Peter EMSKYM50+2602:44:01.1
40Anne FLEMING25 Mile F 40-492702:45:30.8
7Julie GALLAGHER25 Mile F 40-492802:48:45.5
39Joe ANCHARDOM50+2902:48:58.0
5Robert FUNK25 Mile M 30-393002:50:52.9
50Mike DEWEY25 Mile M 30-393102:51:27.3
23Bruce TREJOSM50+3202:56:32.6
82Nathan COOK25 Mile M 40-493303:03:21.3
30Ezra STAFFORD25 Mile M 40-493403:04:39.6
28Jenny EMSKYF50+3503:04:57.7
45Dave HUSTON25 Mile M 30-393603:10:39.1
3Jeff CORKILLM50+3703:15:22.8
2Scott BRECHT25 Mile M 40-493803:17:31.3
17Christian ROCHOLL25 Mile M 40-493903:17:56.4
15Chad RANDALL25 Mile M 30-394003:18:04.5

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Name: Woodrat 25er Mountain Bike Race
Date: 2015-06-06
Location: Priest Lake, ID
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