Scenic Half Marathon

2015-09-20 • 5K

95 Participants • 60 Women • 35 Men

Average Time: 00:35:50
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
59Cody KRITZECK5K Male11100:17:57.2
55Chris JOHNSON5K Male22200:19:46.5
64Josiah MERRILL5K Male33300:20:00.4
66John MITCHELL5K Male44400:20:21.4
40Trey CLARK5K Male55500:21:08.5
31Gregg BRANTNER5K Male66600:21:41.7
91Jim WARNER5K Male77700:23:15.8
25Mitchell BECKMAN5K Male88800:23:24.7
39Ara CLARK5K Female91100:24:51.9
44Chelsy DRYDEN5K Female102200:25:03.8
51Cris HERNANDEZ5K Female113300:25:04.1
99Margaret PORTER5K Female124400:25:15.9
30Amy BRANTNER5K Female135500:25:38.8
22Sara AICKEN5K Female146600:25:44.3
83Canyon SPENCER5K Male159900:25:55.1
21Tony ADAMS5K Male16101000:26:05.2
43Miranda DOWNS5K Female177700:26:10.1
56Mica JOHNSON5K Female188800:26:46.9
100Terry BOYD5K Male19111100:27:11.8
63Haley MERRILL5K Female209900:27:34.3
48Erika GRANT5K Female21101000:27:47.4
49Joshua GRANT5K Male22121200:27:48.3
108Sunny BROWN5K Female23111100:28:11.7
34Benjamin BUDAI5K Male24131300:28:18.7
38Jerald BUTLER5K Male25141400:28:33.3
84Marcil SPOTANSKI5K Female26121200:28:44.5
107Lauren KENNEDY5K Female27131300:28:53.5
24Janelle BECKMAN5K Female28141400:28:57.4
71Cassie PETERSEN5K Female29151500:28:57.6
67Emily MOORE5K Female30161600:28:57.9
106Frank BURNS5K Male31151500:29:03.6
41Jay CLARKE5K Male32161600:29:05.0
105Otto BURNS5K Male33171700:29:07.4
103Jon LEE5K Male34181800:29:14.9
102Toby LEE5K Male35191900:29:19.1
32Frank BRIGGS5K Male36202000:29:20.7
861James SUMMERS5K Male37212100:30:04.7
93Katie SNYDER5K Female38171700:30:16.5
104Jonathon ANDRING5K Male39222200:30:21.6
28John BLACKBURN5K Male40232300:30:41.0

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Name: Scenic Half Marathon
Date: 2015-09-20
Location: Sandpoint, ID
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