The Phantom Run Trail Race

2015-11-14 • 19 km

35 Participants • 19 Women • 16 Men

Average Time: 02:33:19
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceOfficial Time
2000Herman AlagaoM40-4911101:50:39.0
2031Ross GreenwoodM30-3922101:51:43.0
2021Toby PerkinsM30-3933201:51:45.0
2029Owen WoodM40-4944201:56:57.0
2001Robyn AshtonM30-3955301:57:58.0
2002Dave CampbellM30-3966401:59:26.0
2022David PoolM40-4977302:04:55.0
2016Stan LorenzoM30-3988502:04:55.0
2006Ryan FlattM30-3999602:15:09.0
2012Patricia JensenF50-59101102:27:39.0
2007Erica HakonsonF30-39112102:30:30.0
2010Niki HurstF30-39123202:30:30.0
2025Lisa SteeleF40-49134102:31:51.0
2008Scott HenwickM50-591410102:35:49.0
2017Onour MoeriF30-39155302:39:15.0
2009Tammy HuguetF40-49166202:39:36.0
2003Brenna DaloiseF40-49177302:40:24.0
2013Tanya JonesF30-39188402:41:00.0
2032Ward BeemerM50-591911202:41:02.0
2026Alexa Van PoeleF20-29209102:42:41.0
2004Meredith DawsonF40-492110402:42:54.0
2034Marnie ConklinF30-392211502:47:35.0
2018Keith NicholM60-692312103:02:24.0
2020Suzanne PearceF50-592412203:07:26.0
2033Jennifer WooF20-292513203:09:29.0
2019Sigrid OttoF40-492614503:23:16.0
2011Larissa JacobsonF30-392715603:23:16.0
2005Jo DemmlerF30-392816703:23:16.0
2014Chris KochM30-39
2015Walter KwanM50-59
2023Noel PullenM30-39
2024Julie RodriguezF20-29
2027Al WallaceM50-59
2028Julia WiebeF20-29
2030Colleen WoodwardF40-49

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Name: The Phantom Run Trail Race
Date: 2015-11-14
Location: North Vancouver, BC
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