Dirty Duo

2016-03-05 • 30 km Mountain Bike

20 Participants • 4 Women • 16 Men

Average Time: 02:53:41
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. PlaceFinish
820Carsten IvannyM30-3911102:09:26.0
818Simon SzokeM20-2922102:11:38.0
801Chris ChoquetteM30-3933202:13:33.0
821Robert WhishawM20-2944202:16:16.0
800Paulo Hen Cardoso MaiaM20-2955302:20:10.0
807Jeff E GrassleyM30-3966302:23:20.0
802Rod DagneauM50-5977102:27:19.0
815Cooper QuinnM20-2988402:28:55.0
819Owen WoodM40-4999102:32:06.0
806Branden GrassM20-291010502:42:00.0
808Michael GrimwoodM30-391111402:42:21.0
814Janine O'DeaF30-39121102:50:40.0
810Peter HendersonM40-491312202:54:06.0
809Kevin HarrisonM50-591413203:07:36.0
811Mark LambertM40-491514303:08:55.0
812Damian McKevittM50-591615303:31:54.0
805Agnes GarabaF30-39172203:51:22.0
817Ring StonechildF50-59183103:54:34.0
813Marisa MyrahF50-59194204:01:49.0
816Dan SchickM40-492016404:05:24.0

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