Marathon Oasis Rock 'n' Roll de Montreal

2016-09-25 • Marathon

3778 Participants • 1101 Women • 2676 Men

Average Time: 04:20:07
Congratulations Rock 'n Roll racers! Here's a few tips from iRun on a post race binge meal!
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RankComp.ViewBIBNameCategoryGender PlaceCat. Place@ 10 kmhalfway@ 32.2 kmOfficial Time
1 5Kari Steinn KarlssonM30-341100:33:4701:12:0801:50:1602:24:18.2
2 6Bagdad RachemM35-392100:33:3501:12:0801:50:4302:27:48.0
3 4Fethi OukidM40-443100:33:4801:12:1201:52:3002:29:25.9
4 3David Savard-GagnonM30-344200:33:4801:12:2901:53:2802:30:28.4
5 1Teresa FenkesaM30-345300:33:3501:14:3101:57:2102:37:33.3
6 1030Dave LiuM25-296100:35:0001:15:3401:57:3102:38:48.0
7 1040Samuel TrudelM25-297200:37:2701:19:3302:02:2402:41:30.2
8 1045Franck RedoM40-448200:38:0501:20:2202:03:0402:42:35.8
9 1057Olivier Roy-BaillargeonM30-349400:37:5701:20:2502:03:5002:42:52.0
10 1059Hugo Tremblay-PedneaultM18-2410100:39:4801:23:5402:07:0402:44:19.3

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