Queen City Marathon

2005-09-11 • Marathon Team Relay

93 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 04:19:29
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Comp.ViewBIBteam nameCategoryRankOfficial Time
5069Super DavesMIXED102:41:07.0
5067Soggy Bottom Boys Part DeuxMIXED203:10:21.0
5042Saskatchewan Sweat PoolMIXED303:26:27.0
5057Ron GonzalesMIXED403:32:32.0
5082The Otherwise Good NeighboursMIXED503:34:37.0
5086Thiel FamilyMIXED603:40:09.0
5035Mostly HarmlessMIXED703:40:35.0
5094Vicky TMIXED803:44:38.0
5025Like the WindMIXED903:45:42.0
5016Good Bad & the UglyMIXED1003:47:41.0
5003All in the FamilyMIXED1103:48:46.0
5020Janice PaisleyMIXED1203:49:46.0
5027MacGregor Road RunnersMIXED1303:49:52.0
5096West-Jet WingnutsMIXED1403:51:38.0
5009Bridge City StridersMIXED1503:55:34.0
5084The StangsMIXED1603:56:25.0
5101Team SaturnMIXED1703:58:36.0
5031Mean Street PosseMIXED1803:58:58.0
5081the other guysMIXED1903:59:16.0
5034Moms on the MoveMIXED2103:59:52.0
5076The CLsMIXED2204:00:29.0
5011Dave BeriaultMIXED2304:01:23.0
5014Eye ImaginationsMIXED2404:02:52.0
5066Shufflers & HustlersMIXED2604:03:47.0
5075The AcceleratorsMIXED2704:04:26.0
5044Quality Tested 100% GuaranteedMIXED3104:09:44.0
5005Are We There Yet?MIXED3204:09:46.0
5050Rams Cheerleading 4MIXED3304:09:47.0
5041pedestrian shoesMIXED3404:10:09.0
5012davidson draggersMIXED3504:11:03.0
5024Lay Ministry Formation ProgramMIXED3604:12:37.0
5036Mr. Big & The Fab 4MIXED3704:12:47.0
5085The Young 2 The RestlessMIXED3804:13:49.0
5013DOC GTMIXED3904:13:55.0
5010Cherie MassierMIXED4004:14:47.0

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