Queen City Marathon

2008-09-07 • Marathon Team Relay

137 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 04:09:12
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Comp.ViewBIBteam nameCategoryRankOfficial Time
4053The LeBoldus FiveMIXED102:46:16.0
4020Bob Deck GangMIXED203:08:15.0
4145Team FrohsterMIXED303:11:00.0
4072Loden LadsMIXED403:13:06.0
4128Peacock Collegiate team greenMIXED503:13:44.0
4121The Thiel FiveMIXED603:14:33.0
4093Da bombsMIXED703:18:16.0
4029Troop 5 - APS TeamMIXED803:21:08.0
4125Team CrossFitMIXED903:24:07.0
4146Troop 5 - PT TeamMIXED1203:28:52.0
4035Team TranscanadaMIXED1303:31:00.0
4043Long BreathMIXED1403:31:16.0
4110Team BASF - KIXORMIXED1503:31:34.0
4111Team BASF- DLXMIXED1603:31:34.0
4130Peacock Collegiate, team orangeMIXED1703:32:10.0
4144Better Late Than NeverMIXED1803:33:17.0
4001Team AssieMIXED1903:33:48.0
4033Shin SprintsMIXED2003:34:14.0
4142Deloitte QCM Team 4MIXED2103:35:54.0
4132Two Chicks and Three HicksMIXED2203:36:21.0
4063Kelln CrewMIXED2303:37:35.0
4065Team Max EffortMIXED2403:38:09.0
4078Caffeine and NicotineMIXED2503:38:23.0
4119Young, Old, and, UglyMIXED2603:38:25.0
4071The 4 Non-BlondesMIXED2703:40:10.0
4048Regina Alpine Race TeamMIXED2803:41:09.0
4115Transmission ImpossibleMIXED2903:42:23.0
4019Like The WindMIXED3003:42:33.0
4097Missed plane to BeijingMIXED3103:43:09.0
4107Soup -A- StarsMIXED3303:46:02.0
4004Running on Empty TooMIXED3403:46:23.0
4086Nattress Fam.MIXED3503:47:01.0
4137Public WorksMIXED3603:47:27.0
40761 old guy and 3 young onesMIXED3703:47:33.0
4122Four in OneMIXED3903:48:05.0
4089Team RylanMIXED4003:48:33.0

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