Queen City Marathon

2008-09-07 • Super Masters Mini Marathon

16 Participants • 12 Women • 4 Men

Average Time: 00:26:01
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankCat. PlaceOfficial Time
7005Linda McBrideFEMALE1100:15:45.0
7002Judith BrownFEMALE2200:17:47.0
7009Norm ZiehlMALE3300:17:49.0
3218Ellen SjobergFEMALE4400:21:35.0
7001Nirmal BilkhuMALE5500:22:07.0
7006George PetersMALE6600:23:04.0
7008Muriel WilsonFEMALE7700:23:05.0
7011Myron EcklinMALE8800:26:59.0
7010Shannon CisykFEMALE9900:28:58.0
7003Selina HanleyFEMALE101000:29:00.0
7014Ella OttoFEMALE111100:29:15.0
7015Joan PetracekFEMALE121200:30:21.0
7013Betty KnourekFEMALE131300:31:49.0
7007Janet WilsonFEMALE141400:32:50.0
7012Cathy GartnerFEMALE151500:32:51.0
7004Mary HartlFEMALE161600:32:51.0

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