Queen City Marathon

2011-09-11 • Marathon Team Relay

161 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 04:27:24
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Comp.ViewBIBteam nameCategoryRankOfficial Time
4071LeBoldus 5MIXED102:45:57.0
4091Peacock Collegiate Cross CountryRunMIXED203:11:31.0
4149The Thiel FiveMIXED303:13:14.0
4035CrossFit ReginaMIXED403:19:44.0
4140The Fifth DimensionMIXED503:20:12.0
4100Regina Alpine Race TeamMIXED603:24:49.0
4127Team BenzMIXED703:26:25.0
4023Bob Deck GangMIXED803:29:10.0
4074Leg Dominant (M)MIXED903:31:04.0
4126TEAM ASSIEMIXED1003:37:07.0
4159VendAsta International Running TeamMIXED1103:39:05.0
4010It's All RelativeMIXED1203:39:08.0
4125Sugar DaddiesMIXED1303:42:22.0
4092Peacock Collegiate Team GreenMIXED1403:45:50.0
4038Epic FlailMIXED1503:48:12.0
4069Kelln CrewMIXED1603:48:38.0
4079Lori's LightningMIXED1703:48:59.0
40094 Girls & A GuyMIXED1803:50:38.0
4029The CruisersMIXED2003:54:31.0
4019Biathlon Sharp ShootersMIXED2103:54:39.0
4097Pringle ChipsMIXED2203:55:22.0
4103Rhythm PalsMIXED2303:58:12.0
4116Saskatchewan Minerals Inc.MIXED2403:58:38.0
4087Pattison ChiropracticMIXED2503:59:00.0
4158Two Chicks and Three HicksMIXED2603:59:40.0
4076Like the WindMIXED2703:59:42.0
4128Team Ethiopia 1MIXED2804:00:22.0
4018Biathlon Moving TargetsMIXED2904:00:50.0
4003Pumped Up KicksMIXED3004:02:21.0
4143The LambsMIXED3104:02:41.0
4096Power GirlsMIXED3404:07:48.0
4060ICU #2MIXED3504:08:14.0
4050Got The RunsMIXED3604:09:19.0
4167Where's the Beer?MIXED3704:10:02.0
4156Turtle PowerMIXED3804:10:35.0
4121Sole TrainMIXED3904:10:51.0
4080Martin Monarchs #1MIXED4004:11:24.0

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