Queen City Marathon

2007-09-09 • Marathon Relay Team

145 Participants • 0 Women • 0 Men

Average Time: 04:17:17
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Comp.ViewBIBteam nameCategoryRankOfficial Time
5104Super DavesMIXED102:33:47.0
5126The Young And The RecklessMIXED303:05:12.0
5144Loden LadsMIXED403:09:39.0
5012Bob Deck GangMIXED503:10:34.0
5146Sophomore JinxMIXED603:17:27.0
5053Look At This Stupid Kid's FMIXED703:19:40.0
5128Thiel FamilyMIXED803:19:54.0
5093Sask Energy 1MIXED903:21:14.0
5071O'Neill Titans #1MIXED1103:30:55.0
5031Fishmeisters CsiMIXED1303:32:46.0
5122The S.R.B. GuysMIXED1403:36:09.0
5136Weyburn Radon Gas Part 2MIXED1503:37:17.0
5047Kelln KrewMIXED1703:41:38.0
5051Like The WindMIXED1803:43:00.0
5030"Feet, Don't Fail Me Now!"MIXED1903:48:22.0
5060Marathon StawkMIXED2003:49:34.0
5127"The Young, Old And Ugly"MIXED2103:49:42.0
5107Team AssieMIXED2203:49:59.0
5057MacGregor Road Runners 1MIXED2303:50:23.0
5077Pmw 131leMIXED2403:53:06.0
5072O'Neill Titans #2MIXED2503:53:23.0
5084Riverside RunnersMIXED2603:54:11.0
50022 Chicks And 3 HicksMIXED2803:55:32.0
5112Team WbmMIXED2903:55:36.0
5134Vicious VixensMIXED3003:57:44.0
5045I Guess These Guys Will DoMIXED3103:57:46.0
5087Road RageMIXED3203:58:56.0
5015Cma SaskatchewanMIXED3303:58:59.0
5145Mallard TeamMIXED3403:59:12.0
5075Phat ChicksMIXED3504:00:50.0
5058MacGregor Road Runners 2MIXED3604:01:52.0
5124The Tortoise's And The HairMIXED3704:03:06.0
5074Pattison ChiropracticMIXED3804:03:48.0
5106Team 75aMIXED3904:04:26.0
5140Buizer/Wiseman FamilyMIXED4004:04:26.0

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