Around the Lake Give'r Take 30 km

2011-10-15 • Solo

78 Participants • 33 Women • 45 Men

Average Time: 03:32:26
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Comp.ViewBIBNameRankGender PlaceOfficial Time
131Brendan Wirtz1102:24:22.0
135Dirk Handke2202:25:50.0
84Benoit Gignac3302:27:34.0
126Nico Verrier4402:39:16.0
57Miller Alston5502:43:53.0
113Michael Rose6602:51:34.0
127Clarence Wiens7702:54:43.0
137Walli Kruger8102:54:57.0
66John Coles9802:59:18.0
150Marion Craig10202:59:38.0
119Jason Shea11902:59:41.0
94Todd Kabaluk121003:02:11.0
121Mike Snedden131103:03:42.0
109Aaron Parker141203:03:49.0
112John Vroegop151303:05:37.0
59Keith Ashfield161403:06:39.0
122Eric Stacey171503:06:50.0
63Susan Bentley18303:07:27.0
67Young David191603:10:18.0
74Graham Dyble201703:10:29.0
118Ron Schilling211803:11:03.0
102Shandalin Marks22403:12:17.0
96Kelly Laurillard23503:13:43.0
81Don Garriott241903:14:00.0
134Scott Fiddes252003:14:14.0
100Alex Marks262103:14:36.0
72Matthew Dodds272203:15:04.0
60Nathan Bartel282303:16:07.0
62Norman Bedard292403:16:08.0
71Martin Dodds302503:17:04.0
117Linda Schilling31603:17:21.0
65Sharlene Charlton32703:19:08.0
116Caleb Schier332603:22:22.0
54Rob Adachi342703:23:05.0
92Josee Houle35803:26:45.0
108Stephen Palahicky362803:28:09.0
64Chris Channing372903:29:34.0
83Taylor Gemmel383003:31:04.0
80Iain Gardner393103:31:27.0
103Brian McGrath40903:32:37.0

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Name: Around the Lake Give'r Take 30 km
Date: 2011-10-15
Location: Cultus Lake, BC
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