Around the Lake Give'r Take 30 km

2011-10-15 • Solo

78 Participants • 33 Women • 45 Men

Average Time: 03:32:26
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Comp.ViewBIBNameRankGender PlaceOfficial Time
137Walli Kruger8102:54:57.0
150Marion Craig10202:59:38.0
63Susan Bentley18303:07:27.0
102Shandalin Marks22403:12:17.0
96Kelly Laurillard23503:13:43.0
117Linda Schilling31603:17:21.0
65Sharlene Charlton32703:19:08.0
92Josee Houle35803:26:45.0
103Brian McGrath40903:32:37.0
110Jill Parker441003:36:04.0
133Michelle Zion451103:36:04.0
170Kirstin Macelwain461203:36:27.0
89Kim Hastie481303:43:18.0
111Erin Parkes521403:45:29.0
97Liana Laviolette531503:48:51.0
69Egyed Dayna541603:48:52.0
61Alice Beaudet561703:52:54.0
140Vetina Coombs571803:54:03.0
70Sara Dixon581903:56:18.0
76Helen Evans602003:57:13.0
58Carmel Anderson612103:57:51.0
95Sherri Kozub622203:57:51.0
77Christa Fehr632303:57:51.0
129Kirsten Wilson672404:06:51.0
138Teri Hubbs682504:07:40.0
98Christine Limpright692604:13:42.0
114Leona Roseborsky702704:14:52.0
124Marjorie Taylor722804:20:12.0
79Sue Flom732904:20:29.0
75Ellie Edmeston743004:32:36.0
55Jodi Allanson753104:32:36.0
106Heather OMara763204:34:19.0
73Tracy Dodds773305:15:50.0

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Name: Around the Lake Give'r Take 30 km
Date: 2011-10-15
Location: Cultus Lake, BC
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