Defi PSF

2013-06-15 • 2 Km

83 Participants • 37 Women • 34 Men

Average Time: 00:14:03
Filter Results:
RankComp.ViewBIBNameCategoryGender PlaceCat. Placechip timegun time
1 287Philippe PoulinM1900:08:03.000:16:06.0
2 255Alexis CaissyM1900:08:55.100:17:50.2
3 308Joseph VeilleuxM1900:08:56.100:17:52.2
4 390Annabelle RoyNO AGE00:09:05.100:18:10.2
5 389Sebastien RoyNO AGE00:09:06.800:18:13.6
6 326William GosselinM1900:09:20.300:18:40.6
7 285Louis-Andre PoulinM1900:09:41.800:19:23.6
8 391Florence RoyNO AGE00:09:44.300:19:28.6
9 278Alizee PoulinF1900:09:44.500:19:29.0
10 304Fabrice TremblayM1900:09:44.900:19:29.8

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