The Dirty Duo

2011-03-12 • 15 km Run

72 Participants • 49 Women • 23 Men

Average Time: 01:38:58
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Comp.ViewBIBNameRankGender PlaceOfficial Time
681Nipen Thomas1101:07:38.0
622Dustin Dickout2201:09:59.0
675Morgan Stewart3301:11:16.0
639Alejandro Henry4401:12:52.0
618David Carter5501:14:18.0
629Simon Ellison6601:17:00.0
663David Poettcker7701:18:16.0
665Garth Rempel8801:18:17.0
686Carrie Grice9101:18:47.0
615Colin Brown10901:18:57.0
679Miranda Whiteley11201:18:59.0
688Cavers Stewart121001:22:33.0
611Geoff Bradley131101:24:11.0
671Lara Spence14301:25:06.0
680Catherine Yoell15401:25:45.0
616Stacey Burgess16501:26:38.0
672Scott Stanners171201:28:31.0
683Joe Little181301:28:56.0
692Paige Taylor19601:29:41.0
652Jillian MacKnee20701:29:51.0
690Natallee Peters21801:31:03.0
614Stephanie Brisebois22901:31:05.0
619Steve Close231401:31:22.0
632Kyla Fox241001:32:41.0
630Andrew Ferguson251501:32:56.0
621Kelsey Crossan261101:34:37.0
674Sharon Stevens271201:34:51.0
677Lydia Watson281301:35:00.0
608Susan Bilbey291401:35:04.0
662Katy Player301501:35:16.0
637Clive Harvey311601:35:31.0
638Carter Helliwell321601:35:40.0
613Heidi Bragg331701:36:40.0
601Michelle Allen341801:37:29.0
668Jennifer Secret351901:38:35.0
609Samantha Blair362001:38:35.0
647Maude Leduc372101:40:31.0
600Lisa Allen382201:40:32.0
657Lisa Moore392301:40:45.0
631Anny Ferland402401:42:23.0

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