The Dirty Duo

2011-03-12 • 50 km Run

36 Participants • 14 Women • 22 Men

Average Time: 06:09:29
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Comp.ViewBIBNameRankGender PlaceOfficial Time
503Jerome Bertrand1104:38:21.0
512Dario Herrera2204:40:59.0
541Lisa Polizzi3104:42:51.0
513Joe Huising4304:46:17.0
529Michael Senior5404:51:24.0
540Suzanne Evans6204:58:38.0
534Mike Wardas7504:59:25.0
544Chris Benn8605:10:37.0
522Kurtis Olineck9705:15:10.0
505Tim Cole10805:32:23.0
524Adrian Powell11905:36:46.0
525Nicki Rehn12305:37:26.0
500Neil Ambrose131005:50:02.0
537Emily Weekes14405:50:57.0
543Scott Donatelli151105:53:24.0
510Andy Healey161206:00:14.0
538Flynn Julie17506:00:45.0
508Ken Eng181306:03:51.0
502Ward Beemer191406:04:50.0
518Ray Levasseur201506:05:30.0
536Monty Watts211606:13:48.0
516Alycia Laidlaw22606:16:05.0
527Diana Robinson23706:29:09.0
523Andrew Perry241706:34:10.0
531Craig Slagel251806:49:03.0
535Philip Waters261906:50:48.0
528Edward Sargisson272007:06:42.0
520Craig Moore282107:17:05.0
515Carolyn King29807:17:05.0
532Jan Snow30907:21:41.0
521Lishe O'Kiely311007:21:41.0
539Lucas Tom322207:26:52.0
509Hilary Ewart331107:26:52.0
533Elizabeth Tod341207:27:10.0
507Crystal Dargie351307:31:31.0
506Leslie Dargie361407:31:34.0

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