Envision Financial Run for Water

2016-05-29 • 5 km

1888 Participants • 1103 Women • 785 Men

Average Time: 00:38:19
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategorychip timeOfficial TimeGender PlaceCat. Place
3288Zain RehmtullaM14-1600:18:51.000:18:55.011
2473Samir RehmtullaM17-1900:19:15.000:19:18.021
2151James KehlerM14-1600:19:41.000:19:42.032
1738Sam BrandsmaM11-1300:19:47.000:19:47.041
3237Jack JohnstonM11-1300:19:49.000:19:50.052
2501Brad RobinsonM30-3400:19:55.000:20:00.061
2141Jessica KampmanF14-1600:19:56.000:20:01.011
2181Andreas KlawitterM20-2400:20:03.000:20:03.071
2784Ian WegnerM11-1300:20:06.000:20:07.083
2688Austin TommM17-1900:20:11.000:20:11.092

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Name: Envision Financial Run for Water
Date: 2016-05-29
Location: Abbotsford, BC
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