Coeur d'Alene Marathon

2016-05-29 • Half Marathon Walker

15 Participants • 10 Women • 5 Men

Average Time: 02:57:13
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623Colleen HALL-HEADLEYHalf Marathon F Walker101:29:11.3
636Rebecca HASZHalf Marathon F Walker202:01:26.5
564Janeen FLETCHERHalf Marathon F Walker302:22:54.4
371Krysta AZZOLLINIHalf Marathon F Walker402:22:55.0
382Kaitlyn BASSLERHalf Marathon F Walker502:37:48.9
872Mike MOOREHalf Marathon M Walker602:54:39.6
111Malcolm BOHLMANHalf Marathon M Walker702:58:46.4
322Ryan CORTINASHalf Marathon M Walker802:58:46.6
321Cia CORTINASHalf Marathon F Walker902:58:46.7
930Katie PEPPERHalf Marathon F Walker1003:06:06.2
929Rebekkah PEONEHalf Marathon F Walker1103:28:03.9
973Tyra ROBISONHalf Marathon F Walker1203:28:04.0
490Randy CROWEHalf Marathon M Walker1303:48:38.1
814Stephen LOVEHalf Marathon M Walker1404:44:47.0
622Shannon HALL-BURNSIDEHalf Marathon F WalkerDNF

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